Les Cartons Perforés Charial ” is a site dedicated to the mechanical music : compositions, transcriptions and musical arrangements on cardboard drilled for barrel organ and instruments of mechanical music.

By dedicating itself to the protection of these endangered  musical heritage, Pierre Charial established a directory of about 1500 titles, spread by the association ” La Boite à Musique “ the missions of which are:

  • Saving of the directory of songs, early music
  • Creation of songs, jazz, contemporary music
  • Distribution thanks to sound important ” cartothèque ” by concerts, conferences and/or reception of group.

The directory of about 1500 Titles is available, and in continual development. Indeed, the catalog grows rich according to your demands.

You can buy cardboards for your barrel organ or mechanical musical instrument.

You look for a song, or specific music ! … Contact us !

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